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Control Usage

Control permissions on printing, copying and editing of documents.

Track Document Usage

Check who viewed, printed or shared your file.

Choose who to share with

You can mange who you share your files with and prevent unauthorized access.

Choose Expiration time

Specific date, number of days from first seen or number of views.

Revoke Access

Grant or revoke access to a document per user.

Restrict location

To specific IP addresses or Country.

Our Product

Protect your PDF with DRM controls:
In Iron-Guard Secure PDF controller, we offer you special protection for your DATA:

Remove your document in just one click, select if the PDF expires on a specific date, after a number of views, after a number of prints or after a number of days since it was first viewed. Decide to stop, allow or limit the number of prints. Enable or disable screen grabbing (even from remote connections) applications and prevent use of Windows print screen (Pro Program Only). See a Log document of number of views and prints.

More of our features:

Choose who can access your PDF: all users are authorized or only specific users. Limit use to country or IP locations (Pro Program only). Iron-Guard stops users from editing or copying content. The progran Locks PDF files to specific devices so they cannot be shared with others. Using Iron-Guard users don't need to enter passwords. You can revoke PDFs at any time regardless of where they reside.

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